World¹s Press Calls for Justice in Murder of Mexican Journalists

Barcelona, Spain, 30 May 2009
For immediate release

The World Association of Newspapers has condemned a ³climate of impunity² in Mexico that allows the killers of journalists to avoid prosecution, and has
called on President Felipe Calderon to do more to bring the murderers to justice.

³Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to be a reporter, editor, or publisher,² the WAN Board said in a resolution, issued during its meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on Saturday (30 May).

WAN said it was ³appalled² by the murders of 29 journalists in Mexico since 2000. A further eight are missing, and many others have been attacked and

³Most recently, on 3 May ­ World Press Freedom Day ­ Carlos Ortega Melo Samper, a journalist for the newspaper El Tiempo de Durango in northern
Mexico, was murdered by a unidentified gunman.

Shortly before he died, he had received threats from local authorities in relation to his investigative
reporting exposing corruption.

Mr Melo Samper claimed in an article that had
not yet been published that the local mayor and another senior politician would be responsible should any harm come to him.²

WAN called on President Calderon ³to do everything in his power to end all violence against journalists and to halt the climate of impunity enjoyed by
those who murder and attack them.


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