Liberia’s Environmental Protection Director, Ben Dornie Is Dead

The Executive Director of the Liberia Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is dead.

Mr. Donie died early this morning (Saturday) after a brief illness at a local hospital here in Monrovia.

Detail will follow in our subsequent news posting


3 World Leaders Attend Women Colloquium In Liberia, Praised Liberia’s Effort

Presidents Johnson-Sirleaf, Wah of Senegal

Presidents Johnson-Sirleaf, Wah of Senegal

Women leaders from around the world today convened a 2-day International Colloquium for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security here in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, with three Presidents, Finland, Senegal, Rwanda, and host country Liberia in attendance.

Delegates from the Colloquium also came from Americas Region, includes the Governor of Canada, Former Premier of Bermuda, former Primes Minister of Netherlands Antills, and Acting U.S. Assistant Secretary for the Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

According to the organizers, the Colloquium, conceptualized in 2006 during the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, gathered over 1000 women participants and their champions.

The conference which is co-convened by the Liberian leader, President Sirleaf and Tarja Halonen of Finland, seeks to create an environment for women around the world to discuss, learn, demonstrate, and act on the lessons from women in leadership, peace and security.

As part of the Colloquium, women from around the world attending the event will be able to interact with other women world leaders to discuss issues relating to women’s empowerment , leadership, peace and security, and will also come away new tools, information, and partners to help t5hem achieve their goals, and to collectively advance women in leadership.

Her opening statement, the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf commended the Presidents of Canada, Senegal and Rwanda for their role in the success planning of the event.

Making her remarks, the President of Finland, Madam Tarja Halonen expressed the happiness for the Colloquium, and said she is grateful for the event in Liberia, stressing, “We are happy for this meeting taking place in Liberia, we must fight violence against women; rape and others ”.

She said it is important for women of the world to be empowered, and called all women around to get involve in fighting crimes against women, adding, “We support the United Nations Secretary General who calling for halt all violence against women”.

Several topics during the colloquium featuring prominent women around the world will be deliberated, including: Making a Difference Through Women’s Leadership, Women Empowerment and Equal Opportunities, Security Council Resolution 1324, Gender Based Violence Affecting Women in Post Conflict, Millennium Development Goa Three.

Others topics to be presented also include, Global Financial Crisis and Impact on Women, Economic Empowerment and Decent Work, Advancing Women’s Sexual and Reproductive to Empowerment and Leadership, Climate Change, Migration and Youth.

Iraq Military Recruitment in Monrovia Worries Many, Questions the Rationale

The recruitment of hundreds of Liberians as military personnel to go to Iraq and join United States military forces to battle with enemies in that country has created concern amongst Liberians.

According to credible information gathered by the GNN and other local media representatives, suggest that several ex-servicemen and interested individual Liberians are on a daily basis being recruited for guards’ services in war-torn Iraq are now making preparation for their journey.

According to the information, over 200 persons who were over the past weeks been recruited, mostly males are said to be making their final preparation to depart the country this weekend.

The source further disclosed that an American firm, the Black Water is spearheading the recruitment exercise.

Those recruited, according to our source are asked to provide a birth certificate, passport and HIV/AIDS clearance from a well recognized medical center in Monrovia, and opened bank account from the ECOBANK in Monrovia for any possibility of the transfer of salaries and wages while on their Iraq assignment.

At the “Iraq’s Recruitment Center” located at the offices of the Liberia Cement Company, CEMENCO, several hundreds of young Liberians, mostly ex-fighters of former armed factions in the Liberian civil war were seen in a very long queue waiting to be registered as a member (Black American) was seen calling out names of possible recruits.

Some of the recruits who spoke to our reporter expressed interest in the exercise, like this gentleman who preferred not to be photographed, said he was in a very high gear for the trip, stressing, “My brother I am indeed happy for my journey to Iraq, I am going tom make it in that part of the world”, 32 years old recruit who only named himself as Peter told the GNN.

This new development regarding the recruitment of Liberians to go to Iraq has surprised many Liberians especially both the ordinary and those in the National Legislature, calling on the Liberian government to investigate the authenticity of this news.