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To Justify Agreement – BR, China Union Contracts to Undergo Senate Scrutiny

Senator Cletus Wortorson, Grand Kru County Senator

Senator Cletus Wortorson, Grand Kru County Senator

By Alphonso Nyanti The Buchanan Renewables Incorporated (BRE) and the China Union Mining Company are to be quizzed by the Liberian Senate through its Standing Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy (MLE) chaired by Grand Kru County senior Senator Cletus Wortorson to provide substantial justification to that august body as to why the Government of Liberia and its citizenry should do business with them. The deliberations are slated for next week under the watchful eyes of the committee’s Chairman, Senator Wortorson. Several professionals and experts in the areas of geological and environmental sciences such as Mr. Ben Donnie, Executive Director for the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA),Eugene Shannon, current Minister for MLE, Christopher Neyor, Ex-LEC Managing Director , Justice Minister, Cllr. Philip Z. Banks, Ian Yhap, the incumbent Managing Director for the Liberia Electricity Corporation(LEC),amongst others, are to give their respective views as it relate to the roles played in the signing of the two contracts with the BRE and the China Union Company. According to the Chairman of the Committee, former Professor of Geology at the University of Liberia, Senator Wortorson, discussions will involve committee members and expected to attract some key stakeholders who are drawn from the Liberia Extractive and Transparent Initiative (LEITI), the Green Advocates, Liberia National Students Union (LINSU), as well as Liberia’s Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan and Cllrs. T .Negbalee Warner and Alfred Brownell respectively. It can be recalled that the Government of Liberia entered into a contract with the BRE to scientifically and technologically transform old-aged rubber trees into electrical energy to help provide electricity in Liberia, while in the same vein, the China Union Company on the other hand will engage in the business of resuscitating the Bong Mining Company.


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