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As Corruption Swells In Gov’t, Sirleaf Bitters Appointed Officials, Performed Commissioning Ceremony Selectively

Some nominated and confirmed junior and senior officials of the Liberian Government who were served letters by the protocol section of the Executive Mansion last week to be commissioned by the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf were left in the cold following the selection of a few during the occasion.

The program which was widely publicized on local radio stations and local dailies drew the attendance of those invited to be commissioned, their wives and other relatives for the occasion.

After sitting for nearly an hour awaiting the arrival of the President in the parlous of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Now Executive Mansion), the occasion finally started with the Liberian leader appearing before platform unhappy.

The occasion which appeared similar to that of a graduation ceremony, saw the Liberian leader in a rather serious mood performing the commissioning ceremony selectively of some of the Deputies and Assistant Ministers.

As the program went on, about five of those who also invited their wives and other relatives to witness the commissioning exercise alone with their colleagues were left in the cold.

The president in her closing remarks told her cabinets of a pending reshuffle in her government. Those who were not commissioned quietly left the hall with their wives and other family members.

Observers believed that this mood by the Liberian leader to selectively leave out some Deputies and Assistant Ministers is an apparently move of media reports that bulk of her cabinet ministers were involved in massive corruption.

Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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