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Taylor Resists Measure To Chain Him

"Carton" of former detained Liberian leader, Charles G. TaylorDetained former President Charles Taylor has resisted a new security measure for him to be chained while coming to court.

’s lead lawyer, Courtney Griffiths said his client objected to the measure because it is degrading and is like treating him as an animal.



Mr. Griffiths also said the prison authorities announced another security measure considered sensory deprivation.


The defense lawyer however, did not elaborate because according to him, the prison authorities asked him not to give details.


He requested the court to launch an investigation into the new security measures but the prosecution argued they have no impact on Mr. Taylor.


Prosecution lawyer, Brenda Hollist said it was Mr. Taylor’s choice not to come to court and the security measures did not undermine his rights to a fair trial.


The Presiding Judge, Teresa Doherty ruled that the security issue did have some bearing on Mr. Taylor’s fair trial rights.


Madam Doherty ordered the Registrar of the court to investigate and report on Tuesday morning.



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