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Vulnerable People in Southeastern Liberia Appraises DRC’s Humanitarian Efforts

An elderly also benefitng from the DRC programs

An elderly also benefitng from the DRC programs



The vulnerable people most of whom residing in Pleebo and Harper, Maryland County said they were showering praises on the Danish Refugee Council because, according to them its humanitarian services to the needy has no border; the construction of homes for the less fortunate has become their concern.


One of the beneficiaries, an elderly woman perhaps in her late 80s who was also awarded a two-room house currently under construction by the DRC, speaking through an interpreter praised the effort of this International NGO for coming to her aide.


She said since the death of her husband and two children during the Liberian civil war life for her as not been easy, stressing, “DRC has come to my rescue by constructing me a brand new house, God will bless them”, the aged woman in a jolly mood told the GNN.


Some women of the County also bnefiting from the DRC programs

Some women of the County also bnefiting from the DRC programs

Another beneficiary of the DRC shelter, proudly seated in her new structure surrounded with her four grand children happily told the GNN how excited she is, “My son and I don’t know what to do. Only God will bless these people from DRC, I am very happy for this house”, endlessly praising God for her new home noted.




During sampling interviews with both the beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of DRC’s projects in Maryland County, it was realized that bulks of the citizens including students of the county during the interview expressed happiness, and said they were plus excited for the level of needy projects undertaken by this NGO.


“We as students are indeed grateful to the management of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) for its professionalism in the undertaking  of projects, especially most of our schools were being renovated by this organization, including one of our highest institutions of learning, the Cape Palmas High School”, words of one of the junior high students, Joseph Toe.


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