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The Danish Refugee Council: The NGO making the difference in Rural Liberia

One of the ladies helping to clean the cassava farmland

One of the ladies helping to clean the cassava farmland

My recent visit to the southeastern part of Liberia, specifically in Maryland and Grand Kru Counties, where one of the International Non-Governmental Organizations, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is widely serving humanity  gave me the clear thought that indeed Liberians were been humanitarianly catered to.



DRC officials during the tour were also seen impecting one of the giant size farm

DRC officials during the tour were also seen impecting one of the giant size farm

Every segment of these counties visited during my reportorial duty noticed that the presence of this Danish NGO was always felt; due to its humanitarian assistance to the most needy, and empowering Liberians who were victimized as a result of the nearly fifteen years senseless Liberian civil war.




Residents of these counties visited refused to conceal their feelings as to the level of appreciation and gratefulness they are, especially to the administrative staff of the DRC, the locally hired employees and volunteers for helping them and their communities to regain the spirit of oneness and togetherness.


Over the years, according some statistical reports, this International NGO since its establishment in 1998 has been providing humanitarian assistance to hundreds of Liberians without borders or been selective in its operations.


The renovation of damaged schools, bridges, hand pumps and the construction of shelters for the most vulnerable individuals in that part of the Country where the Danish Refugee Council activities are concentrated were visible as I toured these remotest parts of both Maryland and Grand Kru Counties.


During the tour both women and men were seen in association with each others  graciously utilizing their strength each day on their farms sponsored by the DRC through the supply of seeds, farming tools and the hiring of experts to give them technical advise for the successful undertaking of their respective projects.


The objective of this communion farming, according to my tour guide an official of  the DRC, is to help local community members in those counties, especially villages who can  not afford to sending their children to school financially to be able to generate some income from the sales of the cassava and its leaves by the community.


Also benefiting from the DRC gesture in rural Liberia was a gentleman who was also taught the job of a blacksmith. Speaking to the GNN during the tour, the man in his early 30s praised the DRC for given him the knowledge to learn the profession of blacksmith.


The end of this visit made me to realize that indeed this NGO is progressively doing well for Liberians in the rural areas to make them self-sufficient.


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