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Issue of “Hunts for Kidney” Scares Monrovia Residents

Sample of Human Kidney

Sample of Human Kidney

Mysterious things are nowadays happening in Liberia, especially in the capital city, where each year strange incidents of unbelievable are always taking place; making many to be frightened for their lives.

The killings of innocent people in recent times in Monrovia especially at night by unknown armed men; leaving their victims ritually butchered with several part missing is creating serious concern amongst Liberians.

Victims are always found in public places, including the neighborhood of churches, entertainment centers, and street corners with their backs reportedly opened; taking away the important parts of their victims.

This situation which has become rampant in recent weeks in the Capital and its environ, with many linking this to human sacrifices, while others are saying this action on the part of the killers to professionally opened the back of victims has to do with taking away their kidneys for trading purpose.

According to investigation less than a month, over five persons have been killed in this ugly situation in Monrovia and it’s environ, with residents expressing fear on how these innocent citizens killed without their killers been arrested by security forces in Monrovia.

The news of these killers hunting for the kidneys of their victims on a daily basis has spread in Monrovia like bush fire; making most residents to returning to their respective homes early than the usual hours.

Riding a taxi cab at night in Monrovia, to many is worrisome, as the issue of human kidney for “U.S. Bulks” flips the lips of co-riders who propound that one day those killers who are taken away the lives of innocent people for U.S. Dollars will be apprehended by the law of the land.

For most young girls who are night time hustlers have reduced their night hours, like this 25-years lady who asked not be named said, “No body going to take away my kidney for U.S. dollars. I will leave early to go home every day”, in a chat with me said.

Some security authority quizzed on the issue of killers taking away the kidneys of their victims remained tight-lip. But sources closed to the Liberia National Police said the issue was being professionally looked at.

Up to date, no one has been arrested in connection to the “hunt for kidneys for U.S. dollars”, investigation continues.


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