Late President Doe Family Threatens Legal Action Against Prince Johnson

Prince Y. Johnson

Prince Y. Johnson, former rebel leader

The family of the late President, Samuel K. Doe, has threatened to take former rebel leader, Prince Johnson to court relative to the killing of the former President.

The Doe family, speaking through their spokesperson, Mr. George W. Wright, said “If he is ready for peace, we are prepared to take him to court to give reasons why he killed our brother, father, uncle and Leader.”

The Doe family noted that they have no plans to eliminate or kill Prince Johnson who is now a senior Senator of Nimba County.

Senator Prince Johnson told a local daily yesterday that there are plans by the family of the late President to eliminate him and specifically said the plan was being put together by the wife of the late President, Mrs. Nancy Doe and the Family spokesman George W. Wright.

Senator Johnson claimed that the elimination plan is to take place while he is giving his testimony before the TRC.

However, the Doe family denied the allegation and alleged that Senator Johnson, while serving as head of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) committed a number of massacres that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) have not recognized.

The family spokesman, Wright alleged that after the death of former President Samuel Doe, the West African Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) attempted taking into exile some of their kinsmen but Prince Johnson intersected and took them to his Caldwell base where they were massacred. He alleged that this happened on two occasions.

He said the TRC must also take serious these massacres because the then INPFL leader Prince Johnson masterminded them.

On Senator Prince Johnson making peace with the Doe family in Nigeria, Mr. Wright said, “He forced the people to make peace and we stand for peace. However since he returned to Liberia he has been boasting about killing Doe and those who commissioned him to do so; there is a need that we take legal action.”

“We don’t have any intension to kill him. He is running from his own shadow. This is the same thing he did when he said Cheaye Doe wanted to kill him,” Mr. Wright said.

He added that Prince Johnson went on the air and accused Mrs. Nancy Doe of being demon-possessed, saying, “It is he, Prince Johnson who is demon-possessed because he has killed people.”

“For the sake of peace, we want to inform the state that we do not want to kill Prince Johnson and he should not boast of having commandos to protect him because as a

The President Samuel K. Doe

The President Samuel K. Doe

Senator, the state is protecting him.

At the TRC he would have the protection of state security. Let the state ask him to show his commandos,” Mr. Wright concluded.


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