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As U.S. Presidential Election Heats Up, John McCain Writes

My Friends,

We are just under 90 days from Election Day and I’m sure you’ve seen the news reports that this race is now in a dead heat. Our campaign continues to build momentum – thanks to your incredible support and hard work. I won’t win in November without your continued support. August is an important month for our campaign. It is the last month we can accept contributions for the primary election.

That’s why I’m asking you to give $90 – just over $1 for each day leading up to Election Day. Even 50 cents/day or a $45 donation will help our campaign continue to build grassroots organizations in each of the battleground states as we head into the fall.

My friends, our nation is facing serious challenges that will require our next president to bring leadership, experience and judgment to office. In less than 90 days, America will elect the next President of the United States, and Americans will have a clear choice in this election.

I am prepared to lead our country as the next President of the United States. I’m prepared to break our dependence on foreign oil. I’m prepared to fight for lower taxes and better jobs. I’m prepared to lead our men and women serving in the military as the next Commander in Chief. My opponent, Senator Barack Obama, is simply not prepared.

I need your support today to lay the groundwork for victory on November 4th, or we risk allowing Senator Obama to be elected as the next president. Please follow this link to join my campaign and give $45, $90, $180, $270 – whatever you can afford – to ensure we celebrate a victory in November. Thank you for your support.


John McCain

P.S. We are less than 90 days away from Election Day and the momentum is building. I’m asking you to join my campaign today to keep the momentum going with a donation of $45, $90, or any other amount by following this link. August is a very important month for my campaign – the last month we can accept contributions for the primary election. Please make your donation right away. T


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